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By Amanda (the intern) I have recently been reading about Abraham’s journey with God in Genesis 11-25.  Continually, God speaks with Abraham and reinstates his promises to him concerning his descendants, inheritance, and blessing.  While Abraham is waiting for God’s promise of a son to manifest itself, he begins to worry.  God knows how faint


One of these posts on promises I want to make a list of what God’s promises actually are. I found a couple of places that list them. One is a topical list and another is a list covering different promisesmade by God over time.And what does he ask? The reading today references tithing or giving as the answer


I’m posting late today because we’re at my in-law’s place and they have (gasp) dial up. Today is my dear husband’s birthday. It’s also my dear country’s birthday. I think God must have planned that. Just like he planned for me to grow up on 77th street, which is the name of my husband’s favorite