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By Amanda (the intern) Happy Friday! The weekend is nearly here-time to get caught up on sleep, cleaning, and some good reading. Here are a couple starter reads to inspire and challenge you. Why Fear of Discomfort Might Be Ruining Your Life: Do you find yourself avoiding certain things, like exercise or healthful food? Leo


What great joy to be captives of Christ! Let us rejoice in the victory of our Savior, and look forward to the day of complete reconciliation. For more in-depth reading on this subject, read Alexander Maclaren’s article, “The Triumphal Procession”.

By Amanda (the intern) The words to this hymn have been stuck in my head recently, and they are a perfect reminder of my need to trust only in Jesus. In the face of uncertainty and new stages in life (I’m getting ready to graduate from college and get married), do I “wholly trust in