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Can you believe it’s the middle of November already? This month has been a countdown of sorts with my Dad’s house closing soon. We’ve been walking the fine line between faith and action. Trusting that my elderly father can manage on his own, fearing that he can’t all from a distance. Today’s reading is an


Reading through this book the days do not always match the current calendar, so lets pretend that today is Easter again. My Easter this year has been a bit of a blur, not the contemplative slow pace I would have liked. But even in the whirl that it was the wonder of it didn’t escape


Today’s reading was based on Isaiah 24:15 “Glorify ye the LORD in the fires”. It goes on to talk about the three men thrown in the fire, “…they came out just as they went in – except for the ropes that had bound them. How often God removes our shackles in the furnace of affliction!”