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Fun Link Friday: Home Edition | CaraDeo Blog

By Amanda (the intern) Happy Friday! As my fiance and I are apartment shopping, and thinking about how to make a place of dwelling into a Home, my mind has turned to blogs about decorating, especially in small places where you aren’t supposed to do any permanent damage. However, it’s always fun to dream big


By Amanda (the intern) Happy Friday! The weekend is nearly here-time to get caught up on sleep, cleaning, and some good reading. Here are a couple starter reads to inspire and challenge you. Why Fear of Discomfort Might Be Ruining Your Life: Do you find yourself avoiding certain things, like exercise or healthful food? Leo


By Amanda (the intern) This week I found several blogs about people who have gone through very difficult circumstances, but still have many reasons to be thankful. In anticipation of the holiday dedicated to giving thanks, I wanted to set our minds in the spirit of thanksgiving, because every day is a perfect day to