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My daughter’s class is having a holiday market, where they make something to ‘sell’ to their classmates. It’s a bit orchestrated in that each of the 20 students has 20 items to sell and 20 ‘dollars’ to spend. After deciding that she wanted to make lanyards (my husband’s brilliant idea) we went to three different


This week has been quite a non traditional Thanksgiving week. Our meal consisted of going to Swiss Chalet. (Of course being in Canada it was easy to skip over.) Afterwards we went to see Bethlehem Live, the story of Christmas in live form. It was a great break from the packing and moving. So many times this


Songs in the night. When we are sleeping He is working and doing. Sometimes he works through our sleeplessness and the tears that come at night. For some reason this reading reminded me of Christmas. I thought about the night of Jesus birth and what thoughts and feelings all the different people involved had. Mary