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Merry Christmas

This morning we explained to my dear daughter that there was a time when there was no Christmas. Hard to imagine for her…seeing all the gifts under the tree. One birth long ago made all this happen…the joy, the anticipation, the generosity, and the celebration, and that was just the tip of the iceberg of


One day before Christmas eve…rest? My kids for one are having trouble getting enough rest because they are so EXCITED about all the presents under the tree. As for me, my christmas shopping and bustling are done. Christmas cookies baked, gingerbread village built, presents shopped for and wrapped, christmas eve meal planned, and the kitchen


Somehow it’s easier to write blog posts in the morning. Maybe my brain is fresher and isn’t trying to process a day of packing meals for Africa at our church with¬†Numana, picking up Christmas sweets and getting the kids to clean their rooms. With the reading talking about holiness this day had many not so