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Fun Link Friday | Cara-deo Blog

By Amanda (the intern) Happy Friday! If you notice a world-wide theme in these next few posts, it was semi-intentional. I found a couple blogs from people living around the world, and decided to focus on exciting adventures outside the good ol’ midwest. Hope you enjoy them! Little Green Shed: Lou is a mother, wife,


By Amanda (the intern) Good Friday to you all! I have another list of fun, artsy, inspiring websites for you in celebration of it being Friday. I hope you enjoy them! Abduzeedo: A designer friend from school recently shared this site with me. It is full of inspiration, tutorials, and designer interviews. You can learn

Psalm 139 Graphic

By Amanda (the intern) My father was recently diagnosed with Frontotemporal Lobar Degeneration, a disease that results in damage to the front of the brain, causing a progressive decline in language and behavioral abilities. I have watched my father’s speech noticeably decline for about 9 months now, and there is a possibility that he will