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This past summer we had my son who was 12 ride his bike to meet his dad for lunch. This entailed googling the location, printing a map and then riding there and back. What should have taken 30 minutes took him 2 hours. (I’m glad only my dh knew he was late as I would


“It has been said that no great work of literature or science has ever been produced by someone who did not love solitude. It is also a fundamental principle of faith that no tremendous growth in holiness has ever been achieved by anyone who has not taken the time frequently,…to be alone with God.”We have


When a world renown violinist stepped onto the stage with an inferior violin, he quickly returned backstage to replace it with his best and most valuable one, only to discover it had been stolen. He returned to stage and said to the audience, ‘Ladies and Gentlemen, I will now demonstrate to you that music is