Since we missed Fun Link Friday, I thought I’d do a One Link Sunday. At our house we are learning that people come to situations from different perspectives and to dig deeper to understand their viewpoint or position…well this is at least one of many things we are learning. In this link, Melody Ross, tells the


What great joy to be captives of Christ! Let us rejoice in the victory of our Savior, and look forward to the day of complete reconciliation. For more in-depth reading on this subject, read Alexander Maclaren’s article, “The Triumphal Procession”.

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By Amanda (the intern) Happy Friday! If you notice a world-wide theme in these next few posts, it was semi-intentional. I found a couple blogs from people living around the world, and decided to focus on exciting adventures outside the good ol’ midwest. Hope you enjoy them! Little Green Shed: Lou is a mother, wife,