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Fun Link Friday

By Amanda (the intern) In celebration of it being Friday, I have found five fun blogs for your enjoyment. They are listed below, and I have included a short description of each one, and how I came across them. 1) Superfluous Pulchritude: Amy Clarkson (the writer of this blog) came and spoke for us when


I picked up the above ceramic owl light at an Etcetera thrift store a few months ago. It was quite a find. Inside was a little red light bulb that made the glass eyes and belly holes glow a startling red. The color…I hadn’t seen it since changing the last breastfed baby diaper. It didn’t match my


It’s often in the harshest place that beauty grows. This is a photo taken by Josiah Frey. He took it while doing work for Teen Missions Canada in Saskatchewan. It’s a cold place in the winter, but look at the colors of fall. In those places where it’s warm year round the colors stay the same, yet the