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By Amanda (the intern) Here are a few interesting links I found for your weekend perusal. Enjoy! Letters of Note: This site has collections of old letters sent by famous people and not-as-famous people. One in particular I enjoyed was a set of notes from Jim Henson, the man who created the Muppets. These notes


By Amanda (the intern) Happy Friday! The weekend is nearly here-time to get caught up on sleep, cleaning, and some good reading. Here are a couple starter reads to inspire and challenge you. Why Fear of Discomfort Might Be Ruining Your Life: Do you find yourself avoiding certain things, like exercise or healthful food? Leo


By Amanda (the intern) We had quite a busy day last Friday, so I have a Fun Link Monday post to bring in the new week. Enjoy, and have a great week! Blissfully Domestic: This website contains many ideas for Home, Food, and Life-including DIY projects, delicious meals, home decor, and more. The photos are