I’ve heard that anger is a result of something you love being threatened. Anger has a bad rap overall. The blog, Leadership Freak, has some interesting perspectives on the usefulness of anger, for example that, anger motivates change.

A simple visual guide for interacting with introverts.

And a healthy recipes, Pumpkin Power Balls…sounds tasty.

And my favorite of the week, when life leaves you flinching, discussing a fear of when things get too good:

“I’m not all that different from her [my adopted daughter], bracing myself against the next big hit, wondering when life’s circumstances might turn on me. I’m not all that different from that orphan who subtly believes that a small, controlled life is where it’s at. I could bring myself to tears just envisioning all the “what if’s” that could be waiting around the corner of my life. I’m still flinching.”