Some of you may know but my oh-so-helpful intern, Amanda, has gone on to her first career job (she hasn’t even graduated yet so that just tells you how good she was!) As a result, I am anticipating rocky waters in blog land as I try to fit everything in. Posts might not be as frequent as before. That being said, I came across some inspiration blog posts this week that I thought to share.

The first one is from a dear friend, who is a career coach. She wrote about all the things that have shaped her faith, even the not so stellar church experiences of days gone by. Have a read, I liked her perspective.

The second is from a soon-to-be mom, who is on her way to the mission field. She talks about sacrificing her body in order to bear her child, comparing it to how Jesus sacrificed his body. She writes “Whatever marks remain on my body – they are simply evidence of the wonderful things that God has done.” I wish this perspective of ‘wonder marks’ could permeate men and women’s thinking everywhere.

The third fun link is for you if you start going through Amanda withdrawal. She has a blog of her own that she shares with her fiancee Josh.  Amanda blogs at Two love chickens so be sure to add it to your feed reader.

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