Some days catch you off guard when you lose someone you love. It can be years and still moments that are memories re-enter the here and now through triggers that take you back to a place where you were still surrounded by their love and presence.

It was Sunday during communion. It was after one of those weeks where everything hit the boiling over point. The straw that broke the camels back – it showed up. The feelings of overwhelm, uncertainty and questioning life and direction – they were there. And then out of the blue two songs are played…quietly and in the background…the songs that were sung at my mother’s funeral.

God, in his mercy, orchestrates custom made moments just for us. Sometimes it’s when we least expect it, usually it’s when we really need it. It’s his subtle way of saying, ‘I’ve got this.’

The songs brought to mind the last thing my mother said to me directly ‘You’re going to be okay.’ And so indeed I have been and will continue you to be even when my feelings and circumstances seem to tell me otherwise.

The songs that were played:

Just give me Jesus

Fairest Lord Jesus

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