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Happy Friday! As my fiance and I are apartment shopping, and thinking about how to make a place of dwelling into a Home, my mind has turned to blogs about decorating, especially in small places where you aren’t supposed to do any permanent damage. 🙂 However, it’s always fun to dream big so I’ve included blogs of all decorating sorts, and pointed out a few of my favorite posts. Enjoy, and have a great weekend!

The Lettered Cottage: This blog is by Layla, an Alabama dweller, who blogs about cottage style, and does some work for The Design Network and My favorite post I saw was a kitchen redesign, which turned out beautifully! The small touches are what bring it together and make it personal and “homey”.

Perfectly Imperfect: And so, now that we all have kitchen envy, here is a blog by Shaunna West, whose purpose in writing is to encourage you in your home, and she points out the “beautiful imperfections of the everyday home.” A home is for living in, after all, and that is what makes it your Home. She is incredibly talented and creative, and here is one of her projects using milk paint to create a weathered dresser.

Thrifty Decor Chick: Sarah, author of this blog, has so many project ideas that it is easy to get happily lost in her posts. One I found especially enjoyable is the house tours with her son. I love reading about her adventures and looking at the pictures of the fancy houses she visits. That’s one way to enjoy a fancy house on a budget!

Young House Love: Sherry and John share their life with us through their blog about creative projects. Their costume ideas for their daughter and chihuahua are adorable (especially the hamburger and hotdog). Because they have so much information on their site, I’ve found where you can browse the DIY home projects.

Emily A. Clark: Emily has a gorgeous blog about life, and she shares “simple design ideas, affordable projects and the occasional deep thought.” My favorite idea was old (or new) family Love Notes framed and displayed, either in full, or in pieces. It’s a lovely and sweet element that adds personality and sentiment to a Home.

And thank you to My Blessed Life for inspiring me! For more interesting home decorating blogs, visit her post about it.

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