Fun Link Friday | CaraDeo Blog

By Amanda (the intern)

Here are a few interesting links I found for your weekend perusal. Enjoy!

Letters of Note: This site has collections of old letters sent by famous people and not-as-famous people. One in particular I enjoyed was a set of notes from Jim Henson, the man who created the Muppets. These notes were ones he wrote to be given to his loved ones after his death. The first went to his children, and the second to his friends and family. He adds some humor to a dark subject, and I like the description of his desired funeral service. Another very sweet letter is from a woman to her husband; it is written beside her grave.

A Woman Alive: This blog is a collection of stories, experiences, and thoughts that are interesting, beautiful, and inspiring. Michal, the author, challenges us to notice the little things in life, think deeper about what we believe, and enjoy living.

abounding grace: Through what she discusses in her blog, Danielle Fields encourages us to live more fully. She tells stories of how God is working in her life, and what she is learning.

Improbable Research: This is a humorous site about some people who challenge the normal, and cause people to think. In this particular “study”, they experimented with what the Post Office would send, how long it took the item to reach its destination, and the state it arrived in (if it arrived).

(Bonus link!) How to taste your cake without ruining it: This is genius! Just saying.

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