Fun Link Friday: Season of Thanksgiving | CaraDeo

By Amanda (the intern)

This week I found several blogs about people who have gone through very difficult circumstances, but still have many reasons to be thankful. In anticipation of the holiday dedicated to giving thanks, I wanted to set our minds in the spirit of thanksgiving, because every day is a perfect day to be thankful. Let these stories encourage you to give thanks for the blessings in life, as well as the hope we can have in life eternal through Jesus Christ.

Owens Family: This mom has experienced raising children who have disabilities, the death of a child, and just plain strong-willed children, but her joy in the beauty of life, and her love for God shine even brighter in the midst of her hardships. *heads-up: this one’s a major tear-jerker

Heidi Cave: Heidi Cave experienced a horrific car accident that left her in a coma, and with a long recovery in the Burn Unit. She is now a speaker and author, and her stories about the accident and her everyday life are excellently written. Her stories about her little girl are especially encouraging.

a happy girl: Tahnie has cystinosis, a rare disorder causing her to need a kidney transplant at the age of 11, and being told she would never have children. Last year, her daughter, Sookie, was born. This is her story, and her celebration of life.

Mary Tyler Mom: Mary Tyler Mom is the story of a mother who lost her daughter to a brain tumor, and now she features stories of children with cancer to raise awareness and help people see the joy in life. The month of September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, so every day for this month, she had a guest tell their story of how they have fought childhood cancer.

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