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By Amanda (the intern)

Happy Friday! If you notice a world-wide theme in these next few posts, it was semi-intentional. I found a couple blogs from people living around the world, and decided to focus on exciting adventures outside the good ol’ midwest. Hope you enjoy them!

Little Green Shed: Lou is a mother, wife, artist, and writer from Bristol UK. She celebrates the beauty of everyday life through her blog. She has so much on her site I could spend hours looking through it all. One thing I find really interesting is her “52” series. She has two boys, and for this series, she takes a portrait of each of them every week for a whole year. This is such a good idea because after a year, you can easily see how they’ve grown and what they’ve accomplished throughout the year.

Ché and Fidel: Jodi lives in Australia, and she does the same “52” series that Lou does. She has an adorable curly-haired daughter and a charming little boy. Her photographs are full of character, personality, and childhood joy, even though they illustrate the little everyday things that happen to us all. Her perspective and appreciation for the small things encourages us to cherish the moments that seem commonplace, but that pass so quickly.

11 Untranslatable Words: I just though this article was so interesting. It’s fun to see words from other languages that depict certain feelings that we all have every once in a while, or certain experiences we all have. The interesting thing is that even though we all experience these things, there are no English words that quite sum them up. Oh, and the pictures are cool too.

A Cup of Jo: Joanna Goddard from NYC is the author of this blog, and she has beautiful pictures and stories from around the world. One of her series that interests me greatly is her “Motherhood Around the World” series, in which she interviews mothers from different parts of the world, such as India, Mexico, or Ireland, discovering the most surprising elements of being a mother in that area. And did I mention she has gorgeous photos?

Tikkido: I believe this site is a gathering of parties inspirations that people have submitted. They have lots of fun and quirky ideas, including an Autumn Gnome party, if you’re into that kind of thing. I like looking at their blog, because it features food (angel food cake macaroons), diy projects, decorations, etc. And though it be a stretch, this site could be considered world-wide if someone from, say, England submits a fun party idea. It’s fun how even in the midwest, we can throw a birthday party that is inspired by someone’s birthday party in England.

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