Fun Link Friday: Baking Edition | Cara-Deo

By Amanda (the intern)

In celebration of Friday this week I have some cooking/food blogs that I have come across recently. This is one of my favorite categories of blogs because it gives me new and fun ideas and challenges for the kitchen (especially in the realm of dessert). Enjoy!

My Baking Addiction: This site was irresistible because there are chocolate chocolate chip cookies on the home page. In addition to recipes and beautiful food photography, Jamie includes information for starting a blog, kitchen essentials, and baking basics.

Good Life Eats, etc.: This site Katie Goodman, author of this blog, has a variety of posts from recipes to skiing to mothering. She has a lot of cute ideas for decorating and style, as well as many yummy recipes to try!

Bluebonnets and Brownies: This site is self-described as “Tex-Mex and Southern Comfort”. Amber, the author, grew up in Texas and loves the culture of the state. She has interesting recipes such as Peach Raspberry Pie, Green Mountain Coffee Caramel Vanilla Cream Coffee Waffles, and more.

Simple Bites: Because even I know that man cannot live on dessert alone, this blog has recipes for what some people call “real food”. For those who have children, this blog has a lot of ideas for homemade lunches and snacks. Aimée, the author, includes topics on “homesteading” and family-focused food.

With Sprinkles on Top: That’s enough “real food” for now. This blog has tutorials on how to make adorable desserts-perfect for birthday parties, events, or the occasionally necessary “just because I like dessert” day. Annie, the author, has everything divided into categories, the list of categories scrolling almost all the way down the page.

Kevin and Amanda: Again, I was drawn to the amazing photos of chocolate-covered cookie dough. Kevin and Amanda also have two cute Boston Terriers named Miley and Howie. This blog has ideas and inspiration for baking, scrapbooking, photography, among other things.

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