So the week got away on me and here it is Saturday night and I’m finishing up the work didn’t get finished Friday. Like last week I’ve gathered a few links to share that I think you’ll like.

This week I’ve been listening to Alisa Vitti, author of the Woman Code. She has a number of videos on YouTube, including a Google Talk and a TED Talk. She explains how women can make their bodies work better.

I’ve read about the fear of being a fraud, something bloggers who put themselves out there and PK’s are especially prone to.

And last but not least I enjoyed this feel good story about a 96 year old widower who wrote a song about his wife Lorraine and submitted it to a songwriting contest. This week saw the passing of a dear great aunt who herself experienced this kind of loss…outliving her husband. But today they were reunited and I bet he was waiting to meet her with that huge crazy grin of his.


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