Fun Link Friday

Well here we are at Friday again, the work week behind us. I for one have filled it with user experience design and usability testing…best part was this question/feedback with a user who happened to also be a prayer warrior: “What happens with your terminal illness insurance payout if you’ve been healed?”

Here are some fun links to peruse over the weekend. Enjoy!

Addie Zierman wrote a post about getting married young. I found it wonderfully written and pretty much right on the mark. 

This week I’ve been enjoying listening to Geri Scazzero speaking about emotionally healthy spirituality. She talks about saying no and living the life God has called you too.  A pastor’s wife her (controversial) ‘no’ meant going to a different church than the one her husband was senior pastor of.

Oh and for a bit of humor, Jen Hatmaker takes the cake again describing what mom’s feel like at the end of a summer with a house full of kids. My favorite quote:

What will I do [when the kids go back to school]? I will think my thoughts, which I haven’t heard since June 5th. I miss my thoughts and I look forward to seeing what they’ve been doing. For all I know they could’ve been curing cancer, but they’ve been stamped out by missives like He won’t quit touching my game/remote control/Afro and Could you make me a sandwich/pizza/taco and I am bored/hot/hungry and When are we going to leave/eat/bathe again? My thoughts have done all they can do for these people, and they’ve put in their notice.


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