2013_08_16fun_link_fridayBy Amanda (the intern)

Yet another Friday! It seems like they come so quickly, especially at the end of the summer. Here are four blogs and websites for your perusing enjoyment this weekend. We’ll start off light and fun, and make our way into deep, honest thoughts on the struggles of life. Enjoy!

Ruche: this is an online store with cute women’s fashion. It’s a fun, light, enjoyable peruse.

Life with Jack: this is a blog about an amazing little boy. His name is Jack, and he was born after 23 short weeks in the womb. Now he is four years old, and getting ready to start preschool. The stories about his life, and his parents’ lives are so interesting and inspiring.

New Nostalgia: Amy, the author, was diagnosed with breast cancer, and recounted her thoughts and feelings through this blog. She has also posted favorite recipes, life events, and many other topics over the months. This site is an enjoyable read!

Russell Brand-My Life Without Drugs: this particular article is very interesting, as it is a reflection and explanation of overcoming the addiction to drugs from a first-person view. It evokes empathy for those struggling with any kind of addiction, and provides hope for those in that place.

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