Fun Link FridayBy Amanda (the intern)

Happy Friday! Here is another list of inspiring blogs for your enjoyment and enrichment. Especially this weekend, I encourage you to take a look at these. Last week I posted blogs on the more “artsy” side; however, this week I bring you blogs that focus on God’s work in regular lives. These blogs are written by women who strive to follow God with their whole heart, and they relate their life stories online to encourage others. I have been greatly blessed even as I begin to read what they have said. The love of Christ is shown in their lives. One thing I noticed in almost every blog is the belief that each of these women holds concerning the sanctity of life. Several have posted on abortion, miscarriages, and motherhood.

Emily T. Wierenga Emily is an author, speaker, artist, and a woman following God. On her blog she writes about struggles she has had and joys she has experienced. Some of her posts have made me cry at the pain in the world and the faithfulness of God, while others make me happy as I remember the joy that comes from knowing God. It is encouraging to read about her relationship with God, and how she listens to His voice. I found the following blogs through links on this one.

Just Following Jesus This blog is full of pictures and wise words. The author, Elizabeth, writes about life stories and her thoughts about God. She does a wonderful job of viewing everyday experiences with a heavenly perspective.

Fully Alive This is a fairly new blog reflecting on life and God. Claire, the author, is honest and open about her thoughts and experiences, and how God is working in her to make her more like Christ.

Redemption’s Beauty The description for this blog is “Stories that make people think differently about life.” The author, Shelly, raises challenging questions and relates interesting facts she learns in everyday life.



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