Fun Link FridayBy Amanda (the intern)

Good Friday to you all! I have another list of fun, artsy, inspiring websites for you in celebration of it being Friday. I hope you enjoy them!

  1. Abduzeedo: A designer friend from school recently shared this site with me. It is full of inspiration, tutorials, and designer interviews. You can learn how new creative tricks from the Case Studies, or learn more about the creative process and designer stories from the Interviews. I got several of the following links from suggestions from the designer interviews on this site.
  2. The Art in Life: I came across this blog on Facebook, and I’m so glad I did. It relates interesting stories of life, as well as thoughts on common topics, such as Pinterest obsessions, views on marriage, and so much more. The pictures are beautiful too!
  3. Seamless Creative: This one was a link in a designer interview on They are a husband and wife creative team who produces inspiring work. For all the designers, this might be an interesting one for you!
  4. Inspiration Bit: I randomly came across this site when reading other blogs. There is a lot of information on this blog concerning design, so it’s fun to look around.
  5. Lisa Congdon Art + Illustration: I especially enjoy the Lettering and Fonts section of this website. She has so many cute designs, and with my growing fascination for lettering, I enjoy looking at her work.
  6. May-Belle Imasa-Stukuls:  The author of this site, Maybelle Imasa-Stukuls describes herself as an artist, calligrapher, designer, and world traveler. Her art is very fun to look at, and her lettering and calligraphy is beautiful.
  7. Paper Lovely: Kim, the author of this blog, owns a design and letterpress studio. Her cards and designs have a simple, beautiful, hand-drawn effect. This blog displays her latest work.

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