Fun Link FridayBy Amanda (the intern)

In celebration of it being Friday, I have found five fun blogs for your enjoyment. They are listed below, and I have included a short description of each one, and how I came across them.

1) Superfluous Pulchritude: Amy Clarkson (the writer of this blog) came and spoke for us when I was on a retreat a couple years ago. I was intrigued by her stories, so I started following her blog. She is a palliative doctor, so she has an interesting and unique perspective on life and faith. This is her blog sharing some of those thoughts and reflections.

2) Dearest Nature: I found this portfolio site through Pinterest. It shows a few examples of photography and graphic design done by Donaville Herrick. She has a clean, modern, and bright style of creativity that is fun to browse. Learn more about her here.

3) Hidden in Christ: This blog is by one of my roommates from college, Anna Rich. Her faith in God, and her stories about the power of prayer inspire me in my personal relationship with Christ. She recently traveled on a short-term mission trip to Zambia to work with orphans, and she relates some of her experiences and thoughts on her blog. Read Anna’s encouraging stories of faith.

4) Blue Bergitt: Here is a fun, crafty one for you! This is a collection of interesting objects, color palates, art, and more. It generally has a hip, modern feel, but there are lots of different things on this blog. See Blue Bergitt here.

5) Simple As That: This blog is full of projects, simple crafts, photos, and ideas. If you are looking for inspiration, photography tips, or just something nice to look at, you might like this blog. Ready to jump in? Take a look here.

Enjoy the weekend!


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