This week finds me back in New Zealand. I love being here. One of the highlights of being in Auckland is visiting Edge Kingsland, the church we have been attending while here. It just so happened that the timing of the trip coincided with their annual Sound & Vision conference. These guys are somewhat out of the box as far as church goes, but oh so refreshing.

Like many churches they have a vision/mission statement. They keep it up at the front so that everyone can be inspired by it. On the above picture you can see it behind the musicians, big panels of fabric in different colors. You see, they want you to look at it and hear what God is telling you about your mission, because your mission is God’s mission and that then becomes their church’s mission. Makes sense, right?

While at their Friday evening conference session I was reminded of a quote from Bob Goff author of Love Does in reference to a beautiful view.

“God created beauty so we’d know what He wanted for our lives.”

It made me wonder if God’s mission statement could be written on the scenery all around us. And maybe next time we see the grandeur of the mountains, or the magnitude and power of the ocean, or the hush stillness of a glowing prairie we can think about what God is telling us about the vision and mission he could have for our life.

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