It was during a campout in the backyard that our little miss suddenly got unhinged. What truly set it off was a mystery. While her little friends roasted marshmallows I took her inside to get to the bottom of it. I tried this angle, that angle and finally asked the right question and the real issue came tumbling out. All was well again and the campout continued (well until bedtime and a spider was discovered inside the tent. The campout became a camp in, but that’s a story for another day).

Our 14 year old son was quite baffled by the behavior and situation. We explained it to him like this. We all arrive at situations and experiences that cause us to get stuck mentally. At times like that we need someone to listen and help us get over it…a mental plunger so to speak, to help us get unclogged.

Sometimes God can be our mental plunger. A great example of this is when Jesus and Peter went for a walk on the beach after Peter betrayed him. Peter, feeling shame at those events, returned to what he knew best fishing. (When you hide on a boat in the middle of a lake you can do no harm, right?) He was stuck, and yet Jesus called him out and removed the blockage, freeing Peter to move into ministry again.

Sometimes it’s other people who can serve that purpose. It made me wonder if we as people who believe are called be more of that for each other…the mental plunger for those we come across.

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