This last week finds me in New Zealand. The ongoing joke within our work team is what happens when an American, a Kiwi, and a Canadian travel to NZ…well one of the things that happens is we discover that our words sometimes have different meanings. So we are discovering new words…like mucking, togs (swimsuit), and sweet as (awesome). Another word frequently used is pear shaped. This identifies when something has gone wrong or is off the mark.

Have you ever noticed that as we move through life our hearts can so easily go pear shaped…even without realizing it. False beliefs, circumstances, criticisms, mistreatment can all misshape the heart. This is probably why the Bible warns us to ‘above all else guard the heart’ (Proverbs 4:23).

The only way I’ve figured out how to keep my heart from going pear shaped is to give it back to it’s maker every morning so that it can be reshaped to fit his original mold. I wouldn’t say I’m great as this, sometimes it still feels like all I have is a heart of stone or my walls are up and I don’t let anything reach my heart, but I know the heart maker…and he can get it all sorted (everything figured out) no matter what shape my heart is in.


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