Our church has weaned itself off paid nursery staff to using a group of parent volunteers. We were asked to pitch in and we did. Last Sunday was our first full nursery duty (the hubs and I). The baby room is open to a degree and shares space with the kids who crawl and walk. Helping out with the kids and seeing all of them doing their thing got me thinking…

The nursery really is a microcosim of the church. There is usually someone crying, or someone is helping, there is usually someone sleeping. Someone is crapping their stuff and someone is zooming all over. Someone is dancing and laughing, someone is observing. Someone is eating and someone is playing…

In the nursery, there is full acceptance of where babies are at, perfection is not a requirement. Those who are crying are comforted, those who are dirty are washed clean. Babies who are happy are laughed with, the one who are sleeping are roused after a time. Tired ones find rest, sad ones find comfort, and exploration definitely is encouraged.

If we saw the church or even the world as giant nursery we might be more apt to comfort, encourage, teach, and nurture those who come across our path.

What do you think?

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