“Learning to design is, first of all, learning to see. Designers see more, and more precisely.

This is a blessing and a curse — once we have learned to see design, both good and bad, we cannot un-see. The downside is that the more you learn to see, the more you lose your ‘common’ eye, the eye you design for.

This can be frustrating for us designers when we work for a customer with a bad eye and strong opinions. But this is no justification for designer arrogance or eye-rolling. Part of our job is to make the invisible visible, to clearly express what we see, feel and do. You can‘t expect to sell what you can’t explain.”

Learning to See by Oliver Reichenstein

This quote has analogy written all over it don’t you think? Just replace the word designer or design with believer or believe.

Source: Swissmiss 
Image Source: Magnet Street

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