One of my favorite bloggers is Penelope Trunk. She writes about life, career and brings a healthy dose of reality to both topics. Recently in one of her posts she wrote about how she was coaching a group of young writers to improve their craft. Here’s what she said…

“By the third week I found myself telling everyone they will not write well unless they are surprised. If you are not surprised at the end of your writing, then the reader is not surprised, and then the writing is boring both of you. But it’s hard to let yourself be surprised in your writing because it’s not that fun to not know where stuff is going.”

The same is true for design. That element of surprise at the end result is what makes a creative solution great.

It got me thinking about God and his creative stint when he started it all. Here’s what happened after he finished making the world. ‘God saw all that He had made, and behold [surprise], it was very good’. Genesis 1:31

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