I came across this diagram in an article about creating brand experiences. A very accurate illustration of how brands can become compelling and connect and engage it’s constituents. At second glance it made me realize the similarity between it’s description of a brand relationship with that of a faith walk.

New believers typically begin their relationship with God at a functional level. This might look like following the rules or following what others are doing (ie go to church). As they continue their faith walk they begin to see the connection of prayer as a connector to God. God is invited into their day to day life.

As their relationship with God deepens, they experience first hand God’s work in their lives whether it’s answers to prayer or healing of hurts. The progression eventually moves to transformational, where the walk in faith and God is experienced in a meaningful way.

As believer’s progress up the triangle the value they place on their faith increases, making it more difficult to dissuade them from believing.


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