For Christmas I gave my dear husband the elements needed for a man cave; a bear skin rug (toy version), new headphones and a netflix subscription. We moved from a no TV family to suddenly having on-demand access to great shows.

While browsing around Netflix one night, I noticed the show ‘Say yes to the dress, Atlanta’. I had read an article about the owner of the bridal store where the show was taped so thought I’d check it out. (I’m an undercover hopeless romantic as well.)

If you’re not familiar with the show, it’s about brides who want to find the perfect dress. Who knew there was so much drama associated with this endeavor;  dissension among the bridal party, criticism from the mother, indecision of the bride, and doubting the choice of dress.

The groom, of course, is not part of the detailed ups and downs of selection and fitting, all he sees is the end result, a bride presented to him in glorious array.

What a picture of the church, the bride of Christ. Doesn’t it also go through it’s ups and downs, and drama as it prepares to meet the bridegroom? Yet at end of day(s) the church too will be presented to Him arrayed in splendor.

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