My visit to Canada got me thinking about what I like about it. Having lived in America for about 6 years now my visits back make me notice the differences between the two countries more distinctly. Canada has benefited from strong leadership in the last few years (or at least that’s my feeling without being exposed to the daily news and realities there) and this seems to be reflected in a more manageable deficit and healthy economy.

What I like best though is the underlying theme of consideration for others (vs winning at all costs) and it’s aesthetic. Whereas the US seems to more blatantly follow design trends, especially in fashion, Canada just hums along with a more measured approach and classic styles. This brings me to the topic of this blog, my favorite shops at home. I shop in spurts and always make sure to time one for when I’m in Canada. This trip allowed for only about 60 minutes to make the rounds.

Here are the top five clothing stores in Canada (in my opinion – note some have made it stateside on the east coast).

Mexx I believe this is a european chain. It’s lovely to browse around and catch a sale. Kids clothes are cute and classy. Quality is great.

Jacob has classic styles as well as on trend items. I like to shop there for work clothes and sweaters.

RW & co for clothes with a slight romantic twist and dressier items. They also carry staples like cami’s. My favorite purchase was PJs in 2005. They are still a favorite and going strong.

Roots is where I’ll pick up Canada t-shirts for the kids and my dh. This visit their selection was poor, but did manage to snag a motorcycle styled jacket for the little miss.

Joe Fresh specializes in low cost and modern with simple classic styles. It’s sold in grocery stores. Think Target before their clothes became trendy and cheap. Their website doesn’t do justice to what’s available in the store…I just discovered the floral jeans I wore in high school!  Okay – forget about what I said about Canada not following trends!

What are your favorite places to shop?

Image source: Joe Fresh showing shoes purchased for the little miss. Soles are orange.


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