As I was wrapping gifts last night I stopped at one, not sure if it was truly the right gift for our little miss. She hadn’t asked for it, but knowing her I thought she would love it…but I’m not 100% sure.

The right gift is important. There are the so-so, last minute or wish list purchases, but the best gifts are the ones that are not even on your list. They fit your personality, needs, wants and desires. Even better you don’t even know you wanted or needed them, but were known well enough by the giver to meet secret heart desires.

When Jesus came as baby, God gave us a savior bundled up with peace, hope and love. It was what we truly needed and met our heart’s desire. Not everyone knows they need the gift, some refuse to accept or acknowledge it, but for those who welcome this gift it resonates to the core of our beings. What a gift and what a gift giver!

Merry Christmas dear readers!



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