Marketers do what they can to help you buy more products. They found when you have to think you are less likely to buy. For example, Campbell Soup studied soup shoppers. They discovered if shoppers hadn’t found their favorite soup within 30 seconds, their blood pressure would rise, activating flight or fight and they would leave the store without purchasing soup. By simplifying their display (after photo is on the left), shoppers could quickly find their soup without having to hunt for it – their sales increase by 30%.

It seems that keeping people on autopilot, moving undisrupted through their tasks, results in them being more successful at their tasks.

What I find interesting is this seems to be God’s approach too. It seems he crafted the Christian faith knowing that we don’t like to think…I mean really think. The thief on the cross only acknowledged Jesus as the son of God, and it was enough. Faith becomes a fulfillment of who we already are, instead of a something extra we now have to do to meet some lofty requirements. There are no mandated disruptive prayer times – no – this can happen anytime and anywhere. There are no rituals or insider processes that only the ‘saints’ know about, and there is no crushing rule book to memorize. It’s just faith, freedom and love that intertwines itself into your heart and how you do life – God working to change you from the inside out.

For God is working in you, giving you the desire and the power to do what pleases him. Phillipians 2:13

Image source from flickr and associated press.

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