His fascination for cars started as a toddler unlike other boys he never outgrew it. The long-time favorite, is an AC Cobra, because it’s the best of the best in his 9 year old opinion. When a once in a lifetime meeting of AC Cobra collectors was happening nearby his parents tried to get in.

Favor is the way his father described it, because this family’s budget didn’t have room for this particular event. Despite efforts to procure free tickets, they were going to have to leave without attending the car show of his dreams. Before turning to go home, mother and child stopped to pray. Could God provide the entry ticket for them? It didn’t look like it.

They slowly made their way down the hill to their car. You might think this story was over, but God is into details like this. On the way down the hill an old friend stopped to say hi. It turned out he had just left the event and his ticket was still good for the rest of the day. By sharing it, entry was granted, without cost. God answered the prayers of a boy about his favorite car, the prayers of a mother for her son’s wish and the prayers of a father for God’s favor and provision.

The boy is my nephew, who at 9 years old is an entrepreneur extraordinaire, turning his love for cars into a side business. Check it out at www.magnacars.com. As he puts it “This is the only place you can buy your dream car for less than £5.”

You might think this is just be a fluke answer to prayer, except it happened again at an AC Cobra Grand Prix race. Someday when it’s hard to be confident that God is mindful of me and my desires, I need to remind myself of this story.

Image source: magnacars.com

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