I came across this quote while reading online. Not sure who first said it but thought it good nonetheless:

“Bitterness is the ashes of unresolved anger and shame. Selfishness is about feeling alone in the world, about not recognizing that the suffering of most other people is comparable to one’s own. And vanity is what people like to do to make up for their inner pain and sense of alienation from others.”
– source/author unknown

So much to chew on in that quote, but for now the word ashes stood out, because it reminding me of what God says about ashes. He can transform the ashes in our lives into beauty. Kim, who blogs at His Hands and Feet Today describes what this looked liked in her life. She writes, “…we discovered that we were infertile and many shattered dreams were confronted. However. However, God used it for good as He always does.” I’ll let you read the rest of the story on her recent post entitled 16th Anniversary.

I for one try to run from adversity and pain and yet these could be the very things that God uses to grow me into a tree of righteousness.

Also wanted to shout out to Jenny, purveyor of vintage goods at Shoporama, she included a Caradeo product in a treasury collection. See if you can spot it!


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