This year I planted a garden. It’s small to be sure, but includes the essentials…tomatoes, cucumbers, beets and zucchini. The challenge is keeping everything alive and watered. With each foray out into the heat, the farmer’s market and solid shrubs to fill in the garden plot sound pretty appealing. The weeds love the additional fertilizer and water just as much as the vegetables and it’s steady work keeping them from taking over.

During the last weeding session I felt like I was at war with the weeds who were taking precious water and nutrients from our sustanance. With each weed I got pretty angry (I know…must be the heat), thinking, how dare they try to invade my garden.

Of course that made me think of life and how we can find weeds growing there as well. These take a special kind of weeding called prayer. Lately I find myself approaching those weeds with the same agressive attitude…how dare fear (or sin or laziness etc) try to invade our family or my thoughts.

Seems as if keeping the spiritual garden tended takes the same diligence and care as my little patch of garden.

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