When my husband and I lived in Germany for a year, we participated in the local church choir. During a practice of a christmas carol, a guy leaned over to my husband and asked ‘What is ‘Schimmelchen’ in english?’ My husband asked ‘What does it mean?’ The man said ‘Little white horse’ to which my husband replied ‘You say it ‘little white horse’.

It’s a bit of a crazy story about language and how some languages have words that are richer in their explanation of things. The funny thing is people who believe in Jesus have words like this all over the place. One such word is ‘Santification’. I didn’t really know what it meant or even what it explained until a short while ago. For anyone out there in my boat, it means the act or process of acquiring sanctity, of being made or becoming holy.

It’s a big part of being a believer because God takes us as we are and over time changes us through his love and the gentle whispers of instruction to our hearts. It’s a piece of the puzzle that often gets confusing because people assume that before you believe you have to be and act perfect or they expect perfect behavior out of those who already believe. This process lets imperfection and sin into the picture as we travel the road of faith. It allows us to give each other a measure of grace as we understand how God works in our lives.

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