When I was getting married my mom said to me, ” It just seems [my dear husband] holds the keys to your heart.” And it was true, he did. The only problem was those keys were never meant to be held by a human. Accidental hurts and deceit compounded with childhood wounds slipped that key and heart into a locked position. At the time I didn’t know there was actually such a thing as a locked heart. It took concerted effort and seeking to find and know the One who could really unlock this heart of mine.

There are many of us whose hearts get locked by the trails and hurts we experience in life, but the good news is there is a key that can unlock hearts. The key is Jesus and the keyhole is prayer. It’s easy to see prayer as a request service, but there is power in prayer as it brings us to a place of connectedness with God. He sees our wounds and can heal them.

If you too feel like you have a locked heart John Regier lists out the different types. You can see more on his work at Caring for the Heart ministries.

For information on healing prayer and how it works George Hartwell (ironic name), lists out it’s history as well as how it’s done.

And last but not least, Dannah Gresh has a great article on how to facilitate healing prayer, removing soul ties and the lies that can bind up our hearts. 

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