The word ‘tastemaker’ is bandied about on the internet worlds frequently these days. It implies leadership in defining what is tasteful (up-to-date, trendy, beautiful) or “a person or thing that establishes or strongly influences what is considered to be stylish, acceptable, or worthwhile in a given sphere of interest, as the arts.” Bloggers like Swiss Miss or the top pinners on Pinterest all help define the ‘taste’ of the day.

Many people aspire to it. I for one do, but by not inspiring trends or objects of beauty because becoming a person of influence can be done in many different spheres. Women are usually the tastemakers in their families, for example. I aspire, instead, to influence in the area of faith because what God says turns taste making on it’s head: “Taste and see that the LORD is good; blessed is the one who takes refuge in him.” Psalm 34:8

For those who have traveled the road of life with all it’s ups and downs, trials and despair with Jesus, we have tasted the peace, the love and the healing he gives. All the beauty and styles they delight our senses, but there is a certain emptiness of the heart that longs to be filled by something more satisfying and sustaining. Trends are here but so quickly slip out of our grasp. Meanwhile God says try me, I am unchanging and good. There is a sweetness to a life of walking with Jesus. Some have yet to try a taste and some of us provide the sample taste test for others…they are the real tastemakers.

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