A couple of weeks ago we sat down to watch the movie “Horton hears a who”. In it Horton the elephant discovers a speck with the tiny residents of Whoville living on it. He goes to great lengths to protect the flower (which held the speck) from those who didn’t believe anyone was there. But he had heard the residents of Whoville, and finally they were able to make enough noise so that everyone else could hear them too.Sometimes I feel like we are all the inhabitants of Whoville here on earth, and the cacophony of our hustling and bustling, worship and talking reaches into the heavens with a quiet ‘We are here”. God like Horton delights in it.

Louie Giglio, in this video, demonstrates how the stars also speak. They add to our heartbeats and uttering along with the songs of the whales, and birds. Maybe in actuality what we are all saying is ‘You are there’ to the one who made us and keeps us.

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