Whenever I watch hurdling on the Olympics (cause that’s about the only time I would watch hurdling) I think it’s a wonder that they manage to get over them. Those things are tall! I’m sure there is a technique to it, one that makes things that seem insurmountable easy to fly over.

Here is one tip given to hurdlers in training: “Remember not to look down at your knee. When you’re racing, you should be looking ahead to the next hurdle as you are clearing each one. Hurdlers who look down at their knees as they clear each hurdle have to reorient themselves with each hurdle they clear.”

Sounds a bit like life. We too face seemingly insurmountable obstacles. Life has a way of giving us lots of practice at moving beyond moments of crisis. It doesn’t take much to get me flat on my back with some hurdle to overcome.

Today was one of those days where a self inflicted ‘hurdle’ knocked me flat on my back. Reflecting on it later I found I had gone through these four steps to get back up.

1. Training – Daily preparation is essential…loading up on God’s heart whispers and soaking up the words he has written.

2. Ownership – Taking responsibility for the obstacles we’ve caused and doing our part to remove them by seeking forgiveness, apologizing and doing the right thing. (Easier said than done).

3. Coach – It’s so helpful to have someone to call who helps put things in perspective and listen, while also hearing God’s coaching of the heart.

4. Improvement – As Caroline Ingalls said, ‘There is no great loss without some small gain.’ It is good to reflect on what could make the next hurdle easier to overcome.

Hurdles can take the wind out of our sails so here is one last real life hurdling tip to keep in mind as we move through life’s hurdles: “Keep your speed up between hurdles.”

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