‘Why do we have backs?’ was the little misses question over breakfast the other day. I had never really thought about that, but it was fun to imagine people without backs. Would we always be facing each other? Would we have fronts?

Our explanation for backs was that God gave them to us so we could sit, stand and have a structure to this body of ours. As a user experience designer I see the physical world from the perspective of a creator and designer. God being the ultimate designer. I have marveled at the human body being the ultimate interface and user experience. Good user experiences take skill to plan for and create. Thoughts go into the detail of interactions, affordances, touch points and appearance. These are supported by a backend that seamlessly carries out the functions and requests of the user.

In the case of the human body, we are both system and user. We can use and care for our own system, yet we are made to interact with others. Here are five signs of a great user experience:

1. Elegant User Interface (The human body, mostly symmetrical and easy one the eyes)
2. Addictive (Talk to a mom with a new little one or a couple in love)
3. Fast Start (From birth we have everything we need to get started)
4. Seamless (Made to rule and integrate into the environment that is earth)
5. It Changes You (Not only always changing but our actions change others)

There are other principles of user experience and over all the body has been so well thought out that it encompasses most of them too. The human body had to have been planned and designed which is one  reason why we’ve got backs.

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