My husband and I were talking about what we would do this Valentines day… my idea ‘Secrets’, the Mexico resort we stayed at last Valentines day.

That’s not something we can do every year so we started thinking about the next time we could go. Maybe to celebrate paying off our house or maybe for our 20th anniversary. At that thought my dear husband said…”Can you believe we’ve made it almost 20 years? What are we going to do about that?” To which I said, “Well we’ve made it this long, we might as well keep going.”

The reality is we almost didn’t make it. We were separated for about 10 months 8 years ago. My mom, of course, despaired that this was the end. Then she had a dream about me rolling on the front yard with a guy sporting a moustache. It wasn’t much later that she noticed my husband growing a moustache. From there she knew the rest of the story even before it happened.

Well this little card is the latest addition to the shop I have on Etsy, and it’s in honor of my mom, her moustache dream and all the love that followed.

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