Usability testing is one of the services my husband and I offer through our business. Having done web site testing, doing testing for mobile is a first, so it got complicated. Tonight we figured out our testing platform (device holder). We were brainstorming ideas, improvements on what we had seen others do, but not really getting any where.

Time to pray for inspiration…and it came with a gentle nudge to dig and dag (my son’s wordsfor explore) in my son’s room. His room is usually messy or at least disheveled (we are working on that), but this is partly because he is a collector of trinkets and odds and ends. I didn’t unearth anything useful until I brought the big box of legos downstairs.

Then the digging and dagging really started, and while I ran to the store to get a USB extension cord, my son came up with the solution for us. It was inspiring!

Now about how to run a mobile usability test…I’ll leave that for another post and then I might tell you who it was for…hint: where my dear husband and I met.

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