This Christmas we started a puzzle. Our family likes doing puzzles, well the kids not so much, but we do. It usually doesn’t take long to complete them, but this one is different. It’s comprised of three main colors, orange, white and black and shows illustrated cats all lumped together.

The thing that amazes me is that every time I take a minute to work on the puzzle I find pieces. It amazes me because it’s a difficult puzzle and all the colors and pieces seem alike.

Life is like a puzzle. It seems overwhelming at times when you look at the big picture, but when you actually move forward things fall into place.

I realized this during a 30 minute consultation with a lawyer whom I could ask anything I wanted about my business. He provided answers to all my questions. Puzzle pieces in place, ready for the next steps. I left thankful for the advice and thankful that God meets us where we are at with what we need just at the right time to move us forward.

He is putting the puzzle picture of our lives together one piece at a time. It takes patience to wait for him to slot the next piece in and faith to move forward trusting that he will find just the right piece.

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