Heart in a cage

This is the thing about captivity…sometimes we don’t even know we are captives. Jesus said he came to set the captives free…but free from what. I’m sure there could be a thousand sermons preached on just that so I’ll stick with what I know on this. Hearts can be held captive by sin (hidden or visible), by shame, by memories and physical situations. The good news (or why we call it that) is that hearts can be set free.

When we ask God to come into the memories, the sin, the shame to heal and forgive he works in our hearts to set us free. I see this kind of like peeling an onion – there are always more layers to ‘peel’ away, but over time we are free, though in some case it can be instant.

The following excerpts from the reading today further explain…
“Perhaps there is some ‘iron gate’ in your life, blocking your way. Like a caged bird, you have often beaten against the bars, but instead of helping your situation, you have become even more tired and exhausted and caused yourself more heartache. There is a secret for you to learn–the secret of believing prayer.” – Streams in the Desert

“Many of your loved ones have been bound by Satan, and imprisoned by him for years, and they are simply waiting for the gates to be opened. They will be set free in Christ when you pray fervently and persistently in faith to God.” (C.P.P)

My hope for this coming year is one of growing in the freedom that Jesus offers and also praying that others find and understand it. How about you?

Freedom’s song sounds like this…We are the free by Matt Redman

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