Nothing says Christmas like touring a missle silo (converted to a house)…my dear mother-in-law is  full of sweet ideas that lead to exploration and learning and this was a great one. The Christmas celebration continued with games, food and family fun all thanks to her for hosting everyone. In circles of people who believe, there can be a perception that doing ‘great things for the Lord’ involves leading bible studies or being missionaries or pastoring a church. Yet simple things like living peacefully with family and inviting neighbors over are just as important. “But there are some lives that come into this world neither to do great work nor to bear great burdens, but simply to be…They are the flowers in the garden that have no active mission. They have won no major victories or been honored with the best seats at a banquet, however, they have gladdened the sight of Jesus for through their mere fragrance and beauty, they have brought Him joy. And just their loveliness in the valley has lifted the Master’s heart.”

Have you experienced one of these ‘flowers’ too, or maybe you are one?

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